In this examples we’ll use console commands.

  1. torrt cooperates with actual torrent clients (through RPC), so we need to tell it how to connect to them.

Let’s configure Transmission (https://www.transmissionbt.com/) connection (considering Transmission web interface is on

> torrt configure_rpc transmission host= user=idle password=pSW0rt

To get known RPCs aliases use list_rpc command.

  1. Second step is to tell torrt how to authorize into private torrent trackers.

Let’s configure authorization for http://rutracker.org tracker:

> torrt configure_tracker rutracker.org username=idle password=pSW0rt

To get known tracker aliases use list_trackers command.

  1. Now let’s subscribe to torrent updates, say from http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4430338:

    > torrt add_torrent http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4430338
To get torrents registered for updates use list_torrents command.
  1. Configure notifications about torrent updates.

Let’s configure notifications through email:

> torrt configure_notifier email host=smtp.server.com port=25 use_tls=True email=your@email.com user=idle password=pSW0rt
  1. Updates checks for torrents registered within torrt can be done with walk command:

    > torrt walk
  2. Use set_walk_interval command to set walk interval in hours:

    > torrt set_walk_interval 24


More information on commands supported by torrt console application is available through –help command line switch:

> torrt --help
> torrt configure_rpc --help
> torrt add_torrent --help