Console application commands

Those are torrt console application commands:


  • list_trackers - Shows known trackers aliases
  • configure_tracker - Sets torrent tracker settings (login credentials, etc.)


  • list_rpc - Shows known RPCs aliases
  • configure_rpc - Sets RPCs settings (login credentials, etc.)
  • enable_rpc - Enables RPC by its alias
  • disable_rpc - Disables RPC by its alias


  • add_torrent - Adds torrent from an URL both to torrt and torrent clients
  • remove_torrent - Removes torrent by its hash both from torrt and torrent clients
  • register_torrent - Registers torrent within torrt by its hash (for torrents already existing at torrent clients)
  • unregister_torrent - Unregisters torrent from torrt by its hash


  • configure_notifier - Sets notification settings (SMTP server or telegram bot ID)
  • remove_notifier - Remove notifier from torrt by its hash

Update procedure

  • walk - Walks through registered torrents and performs automatic updates
  • set_walk_interval - Sets an interval in hours between consecutive torrent updates checks

Bots configuration and run

  • configure_bot - Sets bot settings (token and users allowed to add torrents)
  • run_bots - Run bot processes. Note that this command starts process that never ends.


More information on commands supported by torrt console application is available through –help command line switch